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Nepal Micro Insurance Company Ltd Sets a Milestone with First Claim Payout for Third-Party Motorbike Accident

4th Magh 2080, Kathmandu

Nepal Micro Insurance Company Ltd, a leading microinsurance provider, proudly announces the successful processing and disbursement of its first claim payment. The beneficiary, Mr. Dhanapati Acharya from Jhapa, experienced a motorbike accident on 2nd Mangsir, 2080, at Basundhara, Kathmandu.

The comprehensive coverage of the claim includes Third-Party (TP) rider medical expenses, Own Damage (OD) rider medical costs, and damage to the Third-Party vehicle. Today, the company’s CEO, Mr. Mrigendra Nath Rimal, personally handed over the claim settlement cheque to Mr. Dhanapati Acharya, marking a significant moment for both the insured and the insurance industry.

Nepal Micro Insurance Company Ltd is dedicated to providing accessible and affordable microinsurance solutions to meet the diverse needs of individuals across Nepal. This milestone reinforces the company’s commitment to its mission of contributing to the financial well-being of its clients through innovative and responsive insurance products.

The successful settlement of this claim underscores the company’s commitment to prompt and fair claims processing. It also highlights the importance of microinsurance in providing financial security to individuals and families in times of unexpected events.

Mr. Mrigendra Nath Rimal, CEO of Nepal Micro Insurance Company Ltd, expressed his satisfaction with the swift processing of the claim and emphasized the company’s dedication to delivering on its promises to policyholders.

“We are delighted to make our first claim payment, providing much-needed support to Mr. Dhanapati Acharya during a challenging time. This achievement reflects our commitment to fulfilling our obligations to our valued policyholders promptly. Nepal Micro Insurance Company Ltd will continue to strive for excellence in providing accessible and customer-centric insurance solutions,” stated Mr. Rimal.

This milestone sets a positive precedent for Nepal Micro Insurance Company Ltd, demonstrating its operational efficiency and commitment to customer satisfaction. The company looks forward to further strengthening its presence in the microinsurance sector and making a lasting impact on the lives of its policyholders.

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