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Nepal Micro Insurance Chairman Ashish Shrestha Takes Oath at Nepal Insurance Authority Office, Witnessed by Chairman Surya Prasad Silwal

Kathmandu, Nepal – April 1, 2024

In a significant event hosted at the esteemed Nepal Insurance Authority office today, Mr. Ashish Shrestha assumed the role of Chairman at Our Nepal Micro Insurance, under the auspicious presence of Chairman Surya Prasad Silwal. The oath-taking ceremony, attended by the Executive Director of the Insurance Authority, Mr. Raju Raman Paudel and key executives from Our Nepal Micro Insurance, marked a pivotal moment in the company’s journey towards advancing micro-insurance accessibility across Nepal.

The gathering commenced with Chairman Surya Prasad Silwal addressing the importance of micro-insurance in fostering financial resilience among the nation’s marginalized communities. He underscored the critical role of companies like Our Nepal Micro Insurance in democratizing access to insurance services, particularly in remote and underprivileged regions.

Mr. Ashish Shrestha, in his acceptance speech, expressed gratitude for the trust vested in him and the opportunity to lead Our Nepal Micro Insurance. He emphasized the company’s unwavering commitment to empowering the economically vulnerable through tailored insurance solutions. He further pledged to collaborate closely with regulatory authorities to uphold industry standards and drive inclusive growth.

The Executive Director of the Insurance Authority commended Mr. Shrestha’s appointment, citing his extensive industry knowledge and leadership acumen. He highlighted the pivotal role of regulatory oversight in ensuring the integrity and efficacy of micro-insurance initiatives.

The CEO and DCEO of Our Nepal Micro Insurance echoed Mr. Shrestha’s sentiments, reaffirming their dedication to realizing the company’s vision of a financially inclusive Nepal. They emphasized the importance of synergy between the public and private sectors in achieving sustainable development goals.

The ceremony concluded with optimistic anticipation for the future of micro-insurance in Nepal under Mr. Shrestha’s stewardship. As Our Nepal Micro Insurance embarks on this new chapter, it remains steadfast in its mission to serve as a catalyst for socio-economic empowerment, driving positive change throughout the nation

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