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First AGM of Nepal Micro Insurance Company Limited Concludes Successfully in Chitwan, Nepal

Nepal Micro Insurance Company Limited successfully concluded its inaugural Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Falgun 21st, 2080, at its head office premises in Chitwan. The meeting marked a significant milestone for the company as it laid out its vision, discussed crucial matters, and made important decisions for the upcoming fiscal year.

One of the key highlights of the AGM was the appointment of Priyank and Associates as the financial auditors for the fiscal year 2080/81. The decision was made unanimously by the shareholders present at the meeting, reflecting the commitment of the company to maintain transparency and accountability in its financial operations.

Mr. Ashish Shrestha was elected as the Chairman of the board, while Ms. Prabina Dahal, Ms. Latika Golyan, and Mr. Siddhant Jhunjhunwala were unanimously elected as board members for a four-year term. Their diverse expertise and experience are expected to contribute significantly to the strategic direction and governance of the company.

Furthermore, a crucial decision was made regarding the issuance of shares to the general public. The AGM authorized the board to issue 30% of the paid-up capital as shares to the general public, aiming to broaden the company’s ownership base and enhance its financial stability. This decision reflects the company’s commitment to inclusive growth and democratizing access to insurance services across Nepal.

“We are pleased to announce the successful conclusion of our first AGM,” stated Mr. Ashish Shrestha, Chairman of Nepal Micro Insurance Company Limited. “The decisions taken during the meeting underscore our dedication to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance, financial integrity, and stakeholder participation. We look forward to a productive year ahead as we continue to expand our presence and serve the insurance needs of the people of Nepal.”

The AGM concluded with a sense of optimism and enthusiasm among the shareholders, board members, and management team of Nepal Micro Insurance Company Limited. With a clear strategic direction and a strong commitment to serving its customers and stakeholders, the company is poised for continued growth and success in the dynamic landscape of the insurance industry.

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